Algarve Golf Academy with Ian Stallard

When it comes to golf coaching there isn't a ''one size fits all'' coaching method. We all have different characteristics including height, age and flexibility to name a few, these differences affect how we swing the club. Tour players are no different, compare the swings of Jim Furyk and Rory McIlroy for example, vastly different yet they are both prolific winners.

Why are they both winners? It's because they both have a repeatable, dependable golf swing that doesn't break down under pressure and allows them to consistently strike the ball perfectly to produce a great ball flight. This ball flight ensures they split fairways from the tee and can attack tight flags which inevitably leads to low scoring.

The flight of our golf ball is affected by how well we strike it, that might seem obvious but how well the ball is struck is directly related to the 'Impact Factors'. Clubhead Speed, Swingpath, Clubface Aim, Centre of Strike and Angle of Approach are the five important aspects that make up the Impact Factors. 

So, good ball flight depends on great impact. Great impact is achieved when we strike the ball in the centre of a fast moving clubhead that is swinging into the ball at the correct angle of approach, and when the swingpath and clubface aim are aligned to produce the desired shot shape. 

Does your golf ball curve to the left or right in flight? Does it sometimes go straight left or straight right, often into trouble or even out of bounds? Do you 'top' it or 'chunk' it? Do you hit it too high or too low? Do you hit the ball too far (not normally a problem) or too short (normally the problem)? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then 1 or more of the Impact Factors are letting you down. 

How do you improve your impact factors and build a repeatable, consistent swing? The easy answer is to practice, practice, practice! 

However, its not quite that simple because without some professional guidance you could be spending hours practising and honing poor fundamentals. There are a number of fundamentals or 'Principles' relating to the swing, the grip is one, set-up, swing plane and timing are others. These Principles are interlinked and are the foundations from which the Impact Factors and therefore great ball flight are borne. 

So if your ball duck hooks, slices, dips, balloons, falls short, is pulled or pushed then 1 or more of the Principles in your swing is not working causing poor impact and even poorer ball flight.

Let me help you find the problem and the solution so that you practice the correct techniques, build a consistent swing, shoot lower scores and increase your enjoyment of this great game.

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