Algarve Golf Academy with Ian Stallard

Family Fun Lesson

Hey kids if you’re between the ages of 3 and 16 years old why don’t you bring mum and dad for a golf lesson? You can bring nanny and grandad too if you want.

We have a variety of fun games that we can play and we have lots of children’s clubs for you to try, we even have some big plastic clubs and sponge balls for you younger kids so you won’t be left out.

Don’t worry if the grown-ups haven’t played before because it will give you a great chance to beat them and if they have played before then we’ll change the rules so they lose anyway. Why not play them for an ice cream?

Give it a go, book a lesson now.

Family Lesson

This lesson is ideal for a family of golfers with more experience. It’s also a great way to introduce a beginner as they may feel more relaxed and less nervous whilst around family. 

As in the Shared lesson, different playing abilities need not be a concern as a family lesson allows players to work on different elements of their game at the same time and because so many of the Principles are interlinked (see Coaching) there will be plenty of mutually beneficial tips that apply to all players. 

All aspects of the game can be covered in a family lesson so why not book one now. 

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Our family (2 adults an 2 boys of 6 and 9) had great fun with Ian! We followed a 3 hour family course with him. Not an easy job, given the different levels of experience, but Ian was able to give individual attention to all of us and was very patient and flexible. He tought us the basics of putting, chipping and swinging, incorporating fun games in order to keep the boys’ attention. After the lesson, we enjoyed a good meal on the terrace of the great clubhouse.
- Ann V, Belgium