Algarve Golf Academy with Ian Stallard

An individual lesson is suitable for anyone; from complete beginners to scratch and tour players. These lessons are as individual and unique as you are as a person and as a golfer. 

The answers to the questions below demonstrate why your individual lesson is unique and will not be the same as the one your partner or friend may have had. 

Are you the same age, height, weight as your partner or friend? Are you stronger or fitter than them or do you have an injury that restricts your mobility? Are you a casual or serious player, how often do you play or practice? 

Hopefully you can see from your answers that it’s highly unlikely that they’re going to be identical to those of your partner or friend so if we’re all so unique then our individual golf swings are going to be similar certainly, but most definitely not the same. That’s why your lesson will be different from everyone else’s. The lesson you receive will be tailored to you, the individual. (see Coaching Philosophy

If there is a facet of your game that needs attention then why not book a lesson now. If you want to get serious about your game and you have a long term goal why not book a package of lessons. (see Special offer on Price List)

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I attended a golf lesson in which the pro was excellent, in addition to optimal teacher and motivator, with much patience despite being my first time playing.
- Carolina T, Portugal